Edj Vintage Reviews 2022 Best Info Is Edj Vintage.com Legit?

Edj Vintage Reviews 2022 Best Info Is Edj Vintage.com Legit?

Edj Vintage Reviews 2022 Best Info Is Edj Vintage.com Legit? is our todays topic. Are you an admirer of British vintage clothing? Are you a lover of vintage clothing and would you rather wear them than create a whole collection? If so, Edj Vntge(r) is an outstanding shopping website. According to Edjvntge.com, a little amount of wear is typical for antique clothing, and the dimensions may not match the labels.

Edjvntge.com is a few of days away from its expiry date. We recommend reading Edj Vintage reviews. Edjvntge.com is an online secondhand apparel retailer. Edjvntge.com categorises garments by size and gender before packing them into assortments for sale as mystery boxes.

Edj Vintage Reviews 2022 Best Info Is Edj Vintage.com Legit?

Edj Vintage Reviews 2022 Best Info Is Edj Vintage.com Legit?

The Mystery boxes might include apparel of any colour, pattern, or style. There are 16 accessible goods at

  • Edjvntge.com. There are a few objects, such as:
  • Vintage mystery package that conforms to the norm
  • Exceptional grade antique mystery boxes
  • An article of enigmatic vintage legwear that is not a mystery
  • Box of vintage unknown items (womenswear, etc.).


  • To buy antique clothing, visit https://www.edjvntge.com/.
  • There are no social media links for Edjvntge.com.
  • Pricing: between £19 to £1,175.00 Price grab into account while evaluating Is Edj Vintage an authorised brand?
  • Physical Address: Non-existent on Edjvntge.com.
  • Blogs and consumer reviews are not supported by Edjvntge.com.
  • There is no mention of Terms & Conditions on Edjvntge.com.
  • Privacy policy Not mentioned on Edjvntge.com.
  • Phone number or Whatsapp number Not included on the Edjvntge website.
  • The website Edjvntge.com lacks an address and shop locator for actual businesses.
  • Shipping: Delivery inside the United Kingdom takes around ten working days. While worldwide delivery might take up to four weeks.
  • Delivery: Neither the precise processing time nor the cost of delivery stated.
  • Possible on third-party websites including Hermes.
  • Absence of policy information about cancellation. A negative point of emphasis in Edj Vintage Reviews.
  • This is the Returns Policy: The sole exception is if you got a damaged product. (or) inappropriate apparel might be returnedable.
  • Refunds If the customer does not want an exchange, a refund may provide under certain conditions.
  • Unlisted email address on Edjvntge.com.
  • Payment Method: In GBP.
  • Newsletters: Edjvntge.com publishes no newsletters.
  • This area does not include any answers or help on Edjvntge.com.
  • Ownership details: Internet restriction conceals the identity of Edjvntge.com’s administrator.


  • Edjvntge.com is an unique second-hand apparel business.
  • Edjvntge.com offers antique clothing with few flaws and in excellent shape.
  • Cons To Determine If Edj Vintage Is Legal:
  • Vintage clothing sizes might vary.
  • If there is no evident flaw, the clothing declare to be in acceptable condition.
  • Important policies aren’t provided on Edjvntge.com
  • Poor Edjvntge.com design lacking search filters, sorting, and filtering options.
  • It is tough to contact customer service at Edjvntge.com. LEGIT?
  • Edjvntge.com Date of origin: 29 March 2020 04:48:36
  • The Edjvntge.com 14th of March, 2021 at 1:13:59 PM EST.
  • Edjvntge.com Date of end: during the next 57 days, on March 29, 2022, at 4:48:36 pm.
  • Edjvntge.com The age of 1 year, 10 months, and 3 days is a significant factor to consider in the Edj Vintage Reviews.
  • Trust Index: Edjvntge had an unsatisfactory confidence rating of 27%.
  • The website Edjvntge.com originates in Canada.
  • The status of Edjvntge.com’s blacklisting is not blacklisted.
  • With a score of 4/10, websites with dubious closeness feature.
  • Due to a score of 2/100, a positive highlight has comprise to the Threat Profiling report.
  • A positive highlight due to a score of 1/100 for Phishing.
  • Malware received a score of 2/100, representing a high-quality highlight.

Spam Rating

  • A Positive emphasis due to the score of 0/100.
  • Edjvntge.com employs a legitimate HTTPS connection protocol.
  • Not Specified Contact Information for Edjvntge.com
  • Social Relations: Edjvntge.com has more than 33,000 Twitter followers.
  • The owner’s contact information secrete through an online service.

Customers Edj Vintage Reviews:

The product discuss on Edjvntge.com, and all reviews are good and have a rating more than four stars. They are inaccurate and unrealistic. There are several good and engaging Edj Vintage Mystery Boxes reviews on YouTube. On a consumer review website, 4,206 people have awarded Edjvntge.com a rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars.

There are no reviews made to the Instagram account @edjvntge. There are four favourable evaluations of the website online. But, Edjvntge.com’s Alexa rank is abysmal: 1,914,429 Since a payment method was not specified in advance on Edjvntge.com, it cannot applied.

Edj Vintage evaluations suggest that Edjvntge.com might be an authentic website. The domain name Edjvntge.com will expire in twenty-one days. It might expire after 23 months.

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