Hazoo.co.uk Reviews 2022 Best Hazoo Reviews

Hazoo.co.uk Reviews 2022 Best Hazoo Reviews

Hazoo 2022 Best Info Hazoo Reviews is our todays topic. Need a trustworthy method to get your favourite equipment and devices? But, take a minute to examine this article to determine its actual look. The online platform enables clients to complete the buying procedure with great efficiency.

Moreover, according to reports, many United Kingdom websites enable consumers to buy things but do not permit the same items. In a previous article, we evaluated a variety of websites to verify their authenticity; in this piece, we will do the same for Hazoo Review. Please notice all the pertinent facts included below.

Hazoo 2022 Best Info Hazoo Reviews

Hazoo 2022 Best Info Hazoo Reviews

Announcing Hazoo.co.uk

It is an e-commerce website that provides items from a variety of categories, including kitchen appliances and home décor. Via the use of technology, they have compiled a list of costs to assist customers in selecting the ideal product.

They have said that their culture has grown over time and welcomes others into its fold. If you want to learn more about the culture, please refer to the following article.

Mentioning The Vital Details Of The Portal

  • The given address is 18-20 London Ln, London, E8 3PR. This will assist us in determining “Is Hazoo Legitimate?”
  • According to the survey, there are no social networking icons on the website.
  • Various goods, including small appliances and mobile phones, raise.
  • The website has been live for nine months and fourteen days on April 6, 2021, the date of registration.
  • The caller number cannot detect.
  • Within the following thirty days, the item may repay and replaced.
  • support@hazoo.co.uk address that may applied to contact the firm
  • Certain custom-designed goods are not eligible for return or exchange.
  • Amazon Payments, VISA, Apple Pay, and PayPal receive methods of payment.
  • According to Hazoo Reviews, they permit the exchange of merchandise.
  • The address of the shop is https://www.hazoo.co.uk.
  • Shipping policies are not specified.
  • You may get their most recent sales updates by email.
  • They will mail the packages within thirty days.

Superiorities Found

  • There is a newsletter available.
  • The firm address and postal address record.
  • We have computed the response of Trustpilot users.

What Damages Perceive On The Website?

  • There are no social icons present.
  • The number is missing.
  • The site’s trust rank and scores are 21.7/100 and 33 percent.

Is Hazoo Reliable?

  • Social Network Relationships
  • Access to social networks confined.
  • Trust Rank –
  • There is a limited amount of value to discover on the site.

Customer Reaction

This website does not provide access to the responses of the products. On Trustpilot there are negative ratings with the explanation that it is an apex scam.

  • Portal’s End Date The site will expire on April 6, 2024.
  • Alexa Rank AlexaRank There was no value detected.
  • Detailed policies are referenced
  • Detailed policies are reference
  • Several policies are not discussed.
  • Age of Site – The site was establish on April 6, 2021. This indicates an age of 9 months and 14 days.

Location’s Facts

According to the Hazoo Review, the location is valid. There is a separate office with a different name.

  • Trust Score – The site’s value of 33 percent set on.
  • Founder’s Information – The owner’s information is incorrect.
  • Uncovering of duplicity
  • The website’s content release to contain plagiarised material.

How Do Consumers React?

Due to the absence of reviews on the website, we have been unable to locate any testimonials on the site. None of the portals provide comments, although an internet review service such as Trustpilot does. Hazoo.co.uk has got a rating of 2.6. Trustpilot has acquired four bad Hazoo ratings that highlight the online store’s flaws.

We discovered one client who said the website is fraudulent. And advised others to exercise caution before making purchases. A client has revealed that Hazoo.co.uk partners with other websites utilising their office space to defraud the intended audience. According to a Trustpilot review from a separate user, the site’s About Us section has duplicate in its entirety.


In this article, the Hazoo Review will stress so that the real-world repercussions of an internet website may be shown. The comprehensive evaluation of Hazoo.co.uk. Besides, customers on Trustpilot have indicated that the website is fraudulent, with an average rating of 2.6%.

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