Purplelionproject.com Website 2022 Best Info Is Purplelionproject Legit?

Purplelionproject.com Website 2022 Best Info Is Purplelionproject Legit?

Purplelionproject.com Website 2022 Best Info Purplelionproject.com Website Legit? is our todays topic. Companies that believe in the power of nature to cure your body? People in the United States States wish to return to natural therapies when they were younger. Rather of relying only on medicine for this kind of ailment, the HOLISTIC approach emphasises natural treatments and nature’s ability to heal the human body. The therapy may also take into account mental health and social aspects.

Purplelionproject.com Website 2022 Best Info Purplelionproject.com Website Legit?

Purplelionproject.com Website 2022 Best Info Purplelionproject.com Website Legit?

What Exactly Is Purplelionproject?

It is a website that concentrates on all-natural healing methods. It concentrates on delivering negative healing, including eating raw fruit and avoiding fast meals, avoiding chemicals and injections, breathing environment, living a natural lifestyle, and boosting the soul’s vitality.

Cassandra S Dunn is a person.

Cassandra S Dunn might be the Purplelionproject’s founding father. She is a licenced nurse, a licenced guide at the Casa de Dom Inacio healing facility in South America, and a recognised Federal Medical Investigator/Healthcare Surveyor.


• Navigate to the Contact section of the Purple lion project.com website.
• Enter your company name, email address, and message. Request consultation inside the message.
• You may also send an email to PurpleLionProject@protonmail.com.
• A consultation fee of $56 may impose for the first hour of phone (or) Skype session.
• You will most likely apprise about the next step during the conversation.


• Physical address – not provided
• The Phone number – not provided
• PurpleLionProject@protonmail.com is the email address.

Cassandra S. Dunn is the point of contact.

• Website address: https://internet.purplelionproject.com/
• This Website Age – 05/May/2021 05:28:09, 4 many days and 17 days
• Website end date – 05/May/2022 05:28:09
• NS12.WIXDNS.Internet and NS13.WIXDNS.Internet are the website servers for Purplelionproject.com.
• Wix.com Limited is the registrar.
• Domain Name – 2609833197 DOMAIN COM


• Consultation with a trained member of the medical business rather than a video (or) audio call
• Two generic and over-the-counter healing medications extend upfront: activated charcoal and D-Mannose.
• Adoption of a healthier lifestyle


• The website was recently developed. It feature since the project has been running since 2014.
• Online information is scarce.
• A disclaimer to find a doctor for any disease, diet, or advice.
• Disclaimer: This website is not a replacement for cure (or) therapy.

Is The Purplelionproject.com Website Trustworthy?

• Trust Score for Website – 1% (BAD)
• Social media linkages – Facebook connection is operational. The YouTube link has been deactivated.
• Website Recognization – 1798950 (Poor)
• Proximity to Suspicious Websites – 9 out of 100.
• Threat Profile – 1 out of 100
• Phishing Rating – /100
• Malware Detection Rate – 1/100
• Spam /100
• Domain is not banned by blacklist engine

Reading User Reviews For Research:

Positive feedback on the initiative may discover on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Since there are fewer subscribers, the number of reviews is modest (below 900).


First, the site seems to be in good condition. Yet, consulting fees apply, providing a business appearance. The Purplelionproject.com website has discovered that the help is being preserved on a contribution basis. This amount of the gift collected and spent is not printed. This site is not recommended due to its poor trust score

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